Sarah Bowen
paintings, mixed media

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Planets rising and water planets especially, are new for me. And I loved them!
Michael Seraphinoff - 21 Jun 2016
I love your inner landscape paintings! Fantastic...the images radiate something ineffable,( but I can feel them deep within.
jason kupiec - 9 Jan 2014
Hi Sarah, What a pleasure to be able to see some of your work. It is beautiful, inspiring, and peaceful. I look forward to working with you in class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us all.
Lynn Dorsky - 29 Jan 2012
Hello Sarah, imagine my delight at finding your website and being able to contemplate these images...deep, rich... the inner journey images especially remind me of the limenal and numinous time/experience when I was blessed to be one of your Vermont College students. (The memory brings with it the smell of rosebuds and cardamom pods.) I love the images from the water planet series!!! Thank you for sharing your art and your interview on this website. QB
QB - 29 Dec 2010
Hello Sarah, I am an old friend of Jenny Hille and have visited your work just now for the first time, on her very warm recommendation. Your portfolio is lovely, and I look forward to visiting it in more depth in the near future. Best to you for the New Year Marsha Lieberman
Marsha Lieberman - 26 Dec 2009
Loved the inclusion of "Planets Rising" in the NY Review of Books this month (article on astronomy).
Susan Lambert - 6 Oct 2009
I love Water Planet # 5...Thank you for painting it!
Lauretta Zucchetti - 4 Oct 2009
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